MDK Overview


The Moto Mods Development Kit (MDK) abstracts complex areas of the Moto Mod architecture so you can focus on your design, create a prototype and refine your concepts quickly and efficiently. To get your projects up and running quickly, the MDK includes a Reference Moto Mod that you attach to your Moto Z device along with a Perforated Board that you can use to solder your custom components and create your first prototype.


Reference Moto Mod Architecture

The Reference MotoMod translates the Moto Mod interface into industry standard busses and GPIO while also providing power and control for your project. It connects to Moto Z just like commercial Moto Mods.  Through the onboard MuC and Moto Bridge, the Reference Moto Mod supports all of the device peripherals defined by the Moto Mod platform. 


Moto Mod Micro Controller (MuC)

This is the target for your custom firmware. The MuC provides compute and control, GPIO, and various standard interfaces to use in the realization of your project. The MuC is the main point of communication between the Moto Z and includes the Greybus abstraction layer.

Moto High Speed Bridge (Moto Bridge)

Industry standard CSI and DSI interfaces are supplied through the Moto Bridge. It also used for audio device connection on devices that utilize these camera and display interfaces.

Power and Charging Block

Contains the control, regulated and unregulated power control, and charging paths for entire Moto Mod system

USB Ports

Onboard connectors enable connection of USB devices and MyDP enabled displays Micro B and a USB type C connector for USB 3.0 devices are provided. A USB Type C port provides Serial Wire Debug (SWD) access to the MuC and MHB as well as Serial Port Consoles for each (MHB is monitor only).

Personality Board Connector

80 pin board to board connector to direct connection of personality cards to Reference Moto Mod. Provides access to GPIO, power, and multiple standard busses. DIP switches are provided to configure the source and destination of the available connectors and pins.

Personality Card Architecture

The 80-pin connector on the Reference Moto Mod provides access to the interfaces required by projects involving more than USB or MyDP. To assist in your development, the MDK comes with a Perforated Board that directly connects to this connector. The Perforated Board exposes these signals to easy-to-solder pads to make custom hardware development simple and inexpensive. When you have finished your first project, and want to start on your next simply purchase another Perforated Board.

If you prefer, you can also purchase the same connector as used the Perforated Board, enabling you to build and attach a custom PCB to the Reference Moto Mod. Instructions on the size and location of the connector are provided. A HAT Adapter Board is also available, enabling you to create a prototype using any existing Pi HAT.

We have also built several example Personality Cards that you can use as the basis of your design. Schematics, Moto Mod software and relevant Android software is available for each of these.