General Overview

The Moto Mods Developer Program provides a new platform for innovation in the mobile space, allowing small developers to established enterprises to create the next generation of Moto Mods.

The new Moto Mods platform represents the next big leap in mobile innovation. We know we don’t have all the ideas and realize that to bring true innovation, it’s key we provide tools that enable others’ ideas to be prototyped and brought to market.

With open architecture and access to the right resources, the Moto Mods developer program lowers the technical bar of entry, allowing people around the world to contribute to the ecosystem and redefine the future of mobile. As a result, consumers will continue to have access to completely new user experiences through their smartphone.

We will announce the cost of the MDK closer to availability.

Yes, you’ll need to purchase a Moto Z to once you’re ready to begin testing your prototype.

It is currently available for purchase in the US. For other regions, it will be available everywhere the Moto Z is sold starting this fall

The MDK was created to simplify and accelerate your initial prototype. If you are confident in your product and capabilities, you can jump directly to creating an actual Moto Mod. To obtain the additional technical details, you will need to Partner with Moto.

Lenovo Capital has set aside up to $1M to help bring the best Moto Mod ideas to market. To be eligible for investment funding, you must have a working prototype. All submissions will be evaluated by our Moto Mod Developer Executive Team, and the development teams with the best prototype will be eligible to pitch for investment funding from Lenovo Capital. Investments will be made on terms proposed by Lenovo Capital, and are subject to due diligence and the eligible development team meeting Lenovo Capital's investment criteria. Stay tuned for more details, including how to submit your prototype for consideration.

Yes, your ideas remain your own.

Developing a Moto Mod

When it comes to Moto Mods, there are infinite possibilities and we realize that true innovation is a result of open access and support. Through the new Moto Mods Developer Program, everyone from small developers to established enterprises will have the unprecedented opportunity to participate in redefining the future of mobile.

Our goal with this program was to lower the barriers to entry as much as possible to make it easy to participate. If you have an idea, you can purchase the MDK from the developer website and access the tools and resources needed to get started. You will also need to turn your idea into a prototype, which will require basic electrical and software capabilities.

In order to take your prototype to a commercial product, you must enter into the Moto Mods certification process. You will then have access to detailed design information and best practices to create an integrated Moto Mod. You’ll then take your Moto Mod project through a self-certification test. After you’ve passed certification, your product will be whitelisted. This means you’ll have access to Moto’s distribution channels, should you choose. Refer to the Partner Certification Program Overview for details.

There will not be a public forum to review current work in progress, but after the MDK is available, we will have an online community to facilitate discussions and questions.

It completely depends on the developer’s capabilities and the complexity of the idea. For instance, an established consumer electronics company will be able to bring a Moto Mod to market faster than an independent developer working alone.

Yes, the Moto Mods Platform will be supported by future generation Moto Z phones. This standard includes the rear phone form factor, attachment mechanism, as well as electrical and software interfaces.

There is no limit to how many people can participate. We see this as an ongoing initiative centered on open architecture to provide access to the right resources for as many developers as possible.

Using the MDK

The MDK makes it possible to prototype nearly any Moto Mod. Dip switches allow you to change configurations or paths, or allow additional MuC GPIO access to the 80-pin connector.

Cortex-M4 based STML476.

The MuC in the MDK provides I2C, SPI, UART, and basic GPIOs.

  • SPI2 bus is dedicated to communication with Moto Z.
  • UART1 bus is unavailable when using the MDK, as it is used for MuC communications with the Moto Bridge.

The MDK contains the Moto High Speed Bridge, which allows CSI, DSI, I2S, and HSIC to run in parallel. It also supports using the MPHY for raw I2S without the Moto Bridge, or USB 3.0. These are exposed via the 80-pin interface, or via a Type C connector.

Many times this occurs because of a simple VID/PID mismatch. When using Developer Mode, you'll need to ensure your firmware is using VID=0x42 and PID=0x1.

If you have flashed in a bad bootloader or are unable to flash from MDK Utility for other reasons, refer to Serial Wire Debug Flashing with OpenOCD.


We’ve created the opportunity, you will own your product and revenue generation. There is a license fee due to Motorola to certify and take your product to market.

We plan to distribute Moto and partner developed Moto Mods through our own online channels. We are also working with our carrier and retail partners on distribution of new Moto Mods.

There are no minimum volume requirements to sell with Motorola. The developer’s agreement with any other distribution partners will dictate any contractual terms.

This is handled on a case by case basis. We are invested in your success and would work with you to do what makes the best economical business sense.


You may use the following statements to describe any Moto Mod concepts in development which are not yet certified by Motorola:
“[INSERT NAME], a Moto Mods™ concept for Moto Z smartphones.”
“Moto Mods™ is a trademark of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC.”

You may also use the below statement to provide your audience with more information on the Moto Mods ecosystem:
"Moto Mods™ snap onto any Moto Z to give it a whole new superpower. They transform your phone allowing it to do things other phones can’t. To learn more visit"


The Developer Program is a commitment to a new platform that fuels the future of the Moto Mods ecosystem. Moto Z has been designed and built for the Moto Mods ecosystem, including the software, mechanical and electrical systems. In addition, Moto Mods purchased today will work with future generations to come.

Moto is Lenovo, so the Lenovo Mobile Business Group team is responsible for the development of Moto Mods and the Developer Program. Additionally, the Lenovo Capital and Incubator Group (LCIG) will be setting aside seed equity funding to spur innovation on the Moto Mods platform.

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