Partner with Moto

Every product is different. Every organization has different needs. Whether you're building and selling your own official Moto Mod, or creating an in-house vertical solution for your industry, or just interested in using the MDK in your classroom, Moto can help make your idea a reality. The Moto Mods Partner program offers: 

  • Opportunities to access Moto’s distribution channels, Moto's global marketing efforts, and Moto’s design and manufacturing partners

  • Full access to the engineering specifications and guidelines required to convert your prototype into a full-fledged Moto Mod

  • Full access to design guidelines that ensure that your Moto Mod has the best performance without interfering with your Moto Z's core function

  • Information on how and where to procure the proprietary parts needed to create and commercialize your product

  • Opportunities to access to Moto’s cloud infrastructure for firmware upgrade delivery